Amenities is a full-service facility. And when we say full-service, we mean it! The studio is centrally located in the heart of Fairfax, California. Fairfax has a vast array of amenities within a block or two. Here is a partial list.



Slightly further away

Stinson Beach

Roy Zimmerman's

Roy Zimmerman has come to Fairfax. And he's brought his holiday album to! And it's available now, on iTunes, even!


VG Nett

After presenting at the JoinGame VI workshop in Trondheim, Norway, VG, the country's largest daily newspaper ran a feature article containing an interview with's principal, Jory Prum!

Lucas Learning's

The sounds for the "toy" versions of pod racers for Lucas Learning's Anakin's Speedway: Build & Drive were created using sounds made by the Academy Award-winning motion control system Industrial Light + Magic used to create visual effects for Star Wars.