Control Room Desk

About studio.jory.org

studio.jory.org is a game audio recording facility in the San Francisco Bay Area with vast experience in video games, cinema, and music production, and an always growing list of clientele. The facility was built from the ground up and includes a custom acoustic environment consisting of a 17' x 13' x 9.75' live room and a 12' x 13' x 8.5' control room.

Additionally, the facility includes a lounge with a kitchenette for use by clients, as well as a vast array of nearby amenities.

Please contact studio.jory.org to inquire about booking and rates!

Recent Projects

Pinkerton Road:  Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers: 20th Anniversary Edition Kixeye:  TOME: Immortal Arena Krillbite Studio:  Among the Sleep Telltale Games:  The Wolf Among Us: Episode 4: In Sheep Telltale Games:  Walking Dead, Season 2: Episode 3: In Harm

More projects...

Roy Zimmerman's

Roy Zimmerman has come to Fairfax. And he's brought his holiday album to studio.jory.org! And it's available now, on iTunes, even!


Mix Magazine

The April 2005 issue of Mix Magazine contains a Studio Spotlight of studio.jory.org!


Sony/989 Sports' games

For 989 Sports' football and basketball games, a group of college students were assembled to record more than 1000 college and professional team cheers! The students were, of course, compensated with what many students deem most rewarding: cash, beer, and pizza!